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Hello! This is the website of award-winning Glasgow-based freelance writer Iain Gorman.

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If it involves words, I’m your man. I’ve written for big companies, small companies, digital agencies, entrepreneurs, artists, print publications, blogs and more. Here’s what I can do for you.

Blog Writing

Articles that inform, educate, entertain and inspire. Keep your readers coming back for more.

Creative Copywriting

Big ideas designed to prompt, provoke, and persuade, all distilled into concise and creative copy.


Boo! Too busy to write it? I’ll write it for you – and you can take the credit. All of it.

Product Descriptions

Persuasive product copy that’ll turn casual browsers into committed customers. Ka-ching!


Struggling to say what you want to say? Let me get my mitts on your copy and I’ll find your voice.


Typos are targeted and eliminated, leaving you with clever content that flows with poise and purpose.

About Me

Hello humans and captcha-evading robots.

Here’s a little bit about me: My name’s Iain and I’ve been writing for the web for almost a decade. In that time, I’ve tackled a range of topics, from small business and marketing, to tech trends, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and OA (other acronyms). I’ve also scribbled for magazines, interviewing the likes of Alan Davies, Josie Long, and Rhys Darby. And more recently I’ve written about cast iron radiators, hemp oil, artificial turf, and Lebanese wine. Diverse? You betcha.

In a word, I’m versatile. A bit of a generalist, with specialist leanings.
And I’m ready to work with you on your next big project.

My Career In Numbers

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Featured Clients

"Iain is both adaptable and creative, taking on our brand's voice with consummate skill and delivering content that’s engaging, concise and well-crafted. He always delivers on time and to a tremendous standard - so much so that he’s our 'go-to-guy’ for written content."

Nicholas Baylis, Managing Director @ Castrads

"Iain produces quality, researched content in both long and short-form articles, showing an uncanny ability to write about a diverse range of topics. In short, he’s been great for our business."

Amit Shah, CEO @ HIROLA Group

"Iain has a solid writing style which he is well capable of adapting for the style and tone of voice appropriate to each client. We've worked with him for over two years and in that time he has written over 300 blogs and other content for us, and he gets better all the time. He's cheerful, willing, and flexible. "

Karen Reyburn, Managing Director @ The Profitable Firm

Sometimes I write for free. For me.

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